Weird & Strange Dog Behaviors And What They Mean


Life would be simpler if we could communicate with our canine companions.

When they wag their tails, we can tell they’re happy. Furthermore, they are anxious when they whine.

However, most people only have a basic understanding of their dog’s communication. In any case, your dog communicates with you through a variety of actions.

When you learn how pets communicate, you’ll understand your pet better than anyone could have imagined! This article will go over some common dog behaviors. Continue reading to learn how to interact with your dog and communicate with them more effectively.

1-Walking In Circles

If your puppy is turning in circles, it may be time to take him to the veterinarian. Your dog could have an inner ear problem. Regardless, it is normal for your puppy to withdraw from being happy and enthusiastic.

A viler reason can be found in the repetitive tail chasing and turning in circles. Continuous or persistent turning could indicate a health problem. For example, “inner ear problems, brain sores, and seizures.”

Turning in a circle before resting, on the other hand, is common. Before napping, your pet will frequently circle and scratch at their sleeping spot. This is normal behavior, and pets are “merely attempting to create a cozy environment.” Furthermore, they are most likely displaying evidence of the species’ ancestry. This behavior has an instinctual basis: wolves create a warm, secure place to sleep in the evening.

2-Dog Zoomies

When your dog gets the zoomies out of nowhere, it’s because he or she is in a good mood. It implies that they are ecstatic. Canines will occasionally experience an outburst of energy that causes them to run laps around the house or yard.

Pet guardians can’t stop wondering what causes this amusing movement known as the zoomies. The explanation is simple: happiness.

It is a technique for releasing repressed energy. However, only happy, healthy dogs get the zoomies. So, if your pet is doing the zoomies, you are doing everything correctly.

Many dogs get them after a shower because “it seems good to shake off the water as well as built-up tension.” Even the zoomies are completely normal behavior; pet owners should be alert and ready to move out of the way of their pup if it is zooming nearby.

3- Eating Grass

If you discover your puppy eating grass, it is most likely an instinctual behavior. There is nothing to be concerned about when eating grass. There is most likely some behavioral assumption. It was therapeutic for our canine forefathers. Because of the high fiber content of grasses, they were compelled to remove unknown parasites and bodies.

It could also be used as a diuretic. Some dogs may enjoy the flavor. Nonetheless, she advises dog owners to avoid the behavior because “it may cause a spoonful of grass to collect within their gut,” which may necessitate a medical procedure.

Due to dietary deficiencies, only a few canines could eat grass on rare occasions. However, it is uncertain because actual eating regimens are of high quality and include all nutritional supplements.

Consider the possibility that your puppy consumes feces. It turns out to be quite common, and there is a clinical term for it. It is not due to a deficiency in your pet.

Many puppy owners understand how upsetting it is to see their pets eating feces. With a few exceptions, it is genuinely common, with approximately 25% of canines exhibiting this behavior.

It could be caused by malabsorption infections, but the most widely accepted explanation is familial perseverance.

People who relied on hunting for food were likely to eat feces if that was all that was available. When your puppy has an accident at home, do not punish or be difficult with it.


If your puppy blinks at you, it’s most likely because they have something in their eye or are focused on something. A puppy’s blink could be their way of “breaking their focus on you.”

Staring could be perceived as threatening by your puppy. As a result, blinking generally indicates that your puppy is content.


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