The 10 Smartest Dog Breeds


Dogs are without a doubt among the most intellectual creatures in the world, but did you realize that certain canines are truly smarter than others? That is correct. Many varieties of “herd or hunting” dogs, who were raised to assist hunt for food or guard other animals and cattle, have a biological proclivity to be among the brightest canine breeds, according to the American Kennel Club.

Before you start arguing that your dog is the best, examine what additional factors are used to define a dog’s IQ, as it isn’t always only biological. Intelligence may be measured by how readily breeds can be trained, their capacity to comprehend people, how quickly they learn new things, how effectively they execute certain jobs, and many other factors.

So, if you’re searching for a top dog to join your family, have a peek at these dogs.

10-Border Collie

While there are many intelligent dog breeds to pick from, none compare to the Border Collie. A Collie is likely to be seen attempting to solve an issue even when no one is there to train or praise the behavior.

This dog, which was traditionally used in cattle herding, is capable of accomplishing complex tasks and enjoys being put to the test!


The Poodle is a close second (interesting fact: this is France’s national dog!). Poodles, known for their intelligence and trainability, were frequently trained to do circus feats in front of large crowds, and there are even accounts of these canines dressed as humans and putting out plays!

In major events like as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Poodles are routinely voted “Best in Show.”

8-German Shepherd

When it comes to learning new skills and duties, this breed is unrivaled. After all, police enforcement and the military have used German Shepherds to track down criminals, detect explosives, and do a variety of other critical tasks.

These canines are eager to learn and like putting their skills to the test! They also make excellent pets, so keep them in mind the next time you want to purchase a dog.

7-Golden Retriever

Because they are charming and wonderful for families, these pups are among the most popular breeds.

Another dog that may be seen aiding police officers and other emergency responders. As the name implies, these dogs were developed to excel in retrieving items for their people, whether it’s a tennis ball or something considerably more essential!

6-Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are intelligent and devoted guard dogs with an exceptional sense of smell (as well as a scary look!).

However, these dogs are excellent at adjusting to any activity or lifestyle, especially if they are socialized with humans and other dogs from an early age.

5-Shetland Sheepdog

These canines thrive on new experiences and enjoy a good mental challenge. Shetlands, who were bred as herding dogs, never grow tired of learning and training!

This breed has a lot of energy and requires a lot of exercise. Because of their devotion to their masters, this breed has earned the moniker “shadows.”

4-Labrador Retriever

Because of its easygoing demeanor, this is another favorite breed among families. Labs enjoy swimming and are water specialists; you could see this dog on the side of a hunter or fisherman.

Because these dogs are so charming, they are frequently employed for therapy, emotional support, and in the service of the blind or crippled.


Also known as a “Toy Spaniel,” they are easily identified by their butterfly-shaped ears and silky fur.

These dogs are the best of the crop when it comes to obedience and are well-known in competition circles. Look no farther if you want a dog that can simply conform to your wishes!


This breed is thought to be derived from herding dogs employed as far back as the Roman Empire!

The Rottweiler is a popular breed among the military services because of its intelligence, which makes them easy to train and incredibly protective. Don’t let their menacing appearance fool you; these canines are wonderful with children!

1-Australian Cattle Dog

This is yet another herding dog on the list, sometimes known as a “Blue Heeler.” Cattle Dogs are quite intelligent, but they are also extremely energetic! Australian Cattle Dog owners should teach their dogs on a regular and consistent basis to maintain them well behaved.

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