Risks & Benefits of Dogs Natural Diet

With the rising demand for raw dog food, more people are starting to look for the right all-natural dog nourishment.

Just like humans, dogs enjoy great tasting foods without artificial fillers and added flavors. Many dogs suffer from food allergies or problems with specific components in commercial brands. The idea of mixing foods from different species is appealing, but not when it can have harmful effects.

All-natural dog foods remove artificial & chemicals ingredients that some producers add to improve the flavor or prolong the product’s life.

There are many healthy choices available in the marketplace that are also all-natural dog foods. However, most of these dog dishes are extremely expensive, and they do not seem to be delivering good nutritional value.

It is common for commercial brands to use ingredients such as wheat flour, cornmeal, and BHA (by-products of manufacturing), and artificial flavors.

Most of these natural dog foods are highly processed, contain large amounts of by-products and additives, and are full of carbohydrates.

Additives are left used because they are cheap to process. By eliminating these harmful ingredients and adding better ones, healthy and quality dog food is guaranteed.

Many commercial dog foods lack protein sources. These commercial options for pets also lack the nutrients needed by active dogs. When looking for natural foods, provide the necessary nutrients to maintain muscle growth. Find ones such as chicken or beef as protein sources.

One essential ingredient to look for in healthy and quality natural dog foods is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a crucial component of healthy skin, as it promotes collagen formation and helps with joint health. It is common for puppies to suffer from dry skin.

If a dog has a vitamin E deficiency, it could lead to skin problems.  Vitamin E can help relieve the pain associated with osteoarthritis. In most cases, diet supplements should be given to dogs that suffer from joint problems or other nutritional needs.

Many natural dog foods are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. Carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, and bread are simple and don’t cause any side effects when consumed in moderation. This type of carbohydrate is best for those dogs that have allergies or digestive problems. An example of a high fiber carbohydrate is pasta.

Some dog owners may choose to feed their pets raw food diets instead of traditional diets.

While raw food diets are not ideal, they are much healthier and provide plenty of vitamins and minerals. Many dogs are happy with commercial foods. But someones suffer from severe allergies or medical conditions and cannot live on a commercial brand diet.

Even though most dogs tolerate the taste of raw foods, some dogs cannot eat raw food at all. In these cases, the owner will need to feed their pet on a homemade diet.

When shopping for natural, organic dog food, it is essential to pay attention to the box label. Look for the “Certified Organic” label.

The “organic” symbol means that the producer follows a strict organic farming method. If you buy food that does not have this seal, The maker likely uses a non-organic, chemical-laden method to create the product.

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