Doctor’s Book of Survival Home Remedies, Dr. John Herzog.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll find in
The Doctor’s Book of
Home Survival Remedies:

Most books in this category are designed to help us overcome small ailments. Things like getting better sleep or getting rid of a sore tummy.

Yes, there are other books that do give information about how to look after your own health. But none of those books, to my knowledge, were written by a doctor.

In other words, The Doctor’s Book of Home Survival Remediesis the ONLY book that says what to do to stay healthy at home … that is written by a doctor, Patriot, and Survival expert.

But what if the clinic is closed and we can’t get our routine medical tests?

There are some ways we can possibly spot trouble at home.

In The Doctor’s Book of Home Survival Remedies I share with you…

On page 35
Goosebumps – The Secret About Your Mental Health

Find why the hair on our arms standing up might be warning of something more serious.

The good news is you might be able to make some simple adjustments in your lifestyle to provide your mind and body with what it needs to stay calm. Here are some ways that may work to manage your anxiety and depression. The bonus is that most of them are free!

If you or a loved one are plagued with anxiety, a balanced diet is a must.

On page 48
Chamomile And Swollen Eyes

Why swollen eyes could point to a common skin condition

And how the intake of chamomile prevents another autoimmune disease, that is causing your immune system to attack your skin and joints.

On page 60
Water – The “Pain Relieving Adam’s Ale”

Find out when back distress is a sign of clogged arteries and how drinking more water, also using the restroom more often might help prevent it.

On Page 250
10-Step Self-Check For Potential
Prostate Issues

PSA test, a blood test used to screen for prostate problems, or a digital rectal exam performed by your doctor may indicate early signs of prostate issues, but not always

Find out the 10 symptoms of big prostate problems in their early stages and how to prevent with natural treatments like cranberry juice and garlic in their most awkward forms.

On Page 270
Hibiscus – Fight Free Radical Damage

The garden herb that could eliminate dandruff (find it in the supermarket or grow it in the backyard).

You can get many of the health benefits of hibiscus from drinking simple teas made from the flower calyces. Hibiscus can also be made into different home remedies to help with a variety of conditions.

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The Doctor’s Book of
100 Delicious Healthy Recipes

I’ve put together a list of 100 delicious recipes to support those with conditions like: Arthritis, Back pain, Blood pressure, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Infections, Osteoporosis and many more.

For each condition you’ll learn what foods are recommended and what is to be avoided.

You’ll discover simple step-by-step instructions to prepare healthy and tasty steaks, soups, salads, smoothies, pastas, risottos and more.

The Doctor’s List of Food as Medicine

This List is designed to help eliminate the confusing questions of “What should I eat?” or “What foods should I NOT eat?”

This simple but powerful list is designed to help anyone discover exactly what foods help promote healing in the body.

This is a must for anyone with a passion for living their best independently-healthy life.

I’ve also included a whole section dedicated to foods rich in antioxidants.

These are foods that naturally detox the cells in our bodies so our organs function as they’re designed.

The Doctor’s Book of Home Triage

Do you know the 7 principles of saving a man’s life? If you don’t, maybe it wouldn’t hurt if you read this.

Broken bones, burns, skin infections, back pain, abdominal pain, plus cuts and contusions.

What should you do?

What shouldn’t you do?

Every family should have access to competent triage and treatment strategies if an ER is inaccessible.

This could be due to a blackout, a natural disaster or even rural travel.
Or if someone simply never wants to set foot in one of those germ-filled wards.

This book is designed to give any family the tools they need to successfully triage and treat the conditions that typically require an ER visit. It’s a true life-saver.

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