Adorable Ways Dogs Show They Love You Too Much

Human beings choose dogs as their faithful animal companions a long time ago. This happened thanks to dogs’ ability to adapt to life in houses, their affectionate personality, and their incredible loyalty. Hence, it is not entirely odd to consider dogs as man’s best friends.

The way dogs develop their emotions has been the subject of research for a long time. Studies have proven that dogs possess the same brain structures that generate emotions in humans. This is reflected in the different love signs our furry friends show us.

Without saying one word, our dogs can show their love in different ways. You probably cannot see it, but your friend is happy, and you have not noticed yet!

If you are reading this, it is because you love your furry friends and want to understand them better. Here we share with you ten ways dogs show their love to you..

1. They bring you their favorite toy.

If your furry friends bring you their favorite toy, congratulations! You can be sure that the love they feel for you is unconditional. Dogs are possessive with their toys by nature; thus, if your dogs offer you their toys or even insist you take them, this means they trust you, and they feel safe when you are around.

2. They look into your eyes.

Nobody can resist the tender look of a doggie. When a dog voluntarily looks into your eyes, this is a gesture of true love; it is like they want to hug you—a friendly puppy hug.

Scientific studies have discovered that dogs are developing strong emotional links by looking into our eyes, just as people do when they look into each other’s eyes.

3. They sleep next to you

Nothing can be more comforting than sleeping all night with your dog. If you want to know how much your dogs love you, pay close attention to where they sleep. If they do it next to you in your bed, this is the most significant proof of love; dogs usually feel vulnerable when they sleep; hence, sleeping next to you is a sign they feel safe.

4. They happily wag their tails.

Wagging their tails happily is the language dogs use to communicate with us. This movement can mean many things, so when your dogs do it, they are willing to interact with you or are emotionally involved in any event happening at the moment.

5. They raise their eyebrows and show their tongues.

Nobody can resist those tender gestures on our dogs’ faces. Scientists have discovered that dogs produce innumerable facial movements when their owners are looking at them.

One sample of this when they raise their eyebrows; they do this to achieve having bigger eyes and cause a feeling of tenderness in humans.

6. They lean on you

By nature, dogs live and move in packs. They always want to feel close to the members of their groups; this includes humans. If your dogs love you and trust you, they will always turn to you for physical and emotional support. In other words, dogs look for help in humans because they feel protected and comforted.

7. They allow you to pat them on the head.

When your dogs allow you to touch their head, and they close their eyes and enjoy the petting, that is a sign of love and loyalty. Generally speaking, even the littlest patting on the head can be perceived as a threat; if your dogs allow it, you are special to them!

8. They are calm when you leave the house.

Most dogs can express sadness when you leave the house without them; this happens because they start to feel afraid and anxious about being alone for a long time.
If your dogs are calm when you leave and wait for you patiently all day long, this is a sign they trust you and are 100% sure you will be back.

9. They go crazy when you are back home.

One of the most heartwarming moments for a person is to be welcomed by their furry friends after a long day at work or school. Many studies show that meeting their owner is a special moment for dogs; their oxytocin levels increase, and the stress hormone, cortisol, decreases significantly.

7. They look for you after eating.

If your dog looks for you after eating, this is a sign of affection and closeness. It is not a secret that dogs love to eat a lot; once this need is satisfied, they can do several things, and if one of those things is you, that is a sign of love.

8. They feel your emotions.

Dogs are undoubtedly the best confidants. Without saying one word, they can decipher human emotions. They know when their owner is sad, angry, or happy; they react to human emotions because they are incredibly sympathetic, and they look for ways to comfort people.

9. They lick your face

There is nothing cuter than watching your pets trying to lick your face. Licking your face is a sign of affection and love. It is said that this behavior is related to their puppy stage, but it is also true that it is a sign of submission, by which they apologize or express they are not a threat.

10. They happily roll on the floor.

Some dogs welcome you, jumping when you are home; others lay on their backs to show happiness for your arrival. They do this, so you pet them in the belly; the degree of excitement they feel is so significant that sometimes they pee a little bit. The joy they feel is too big to hold.

Last but not least, something that stands out in dogs is their eternal loyalty to humans. Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet, their strong instincts push them to belong to a family and stay with them until they die.

As you may have noticed, dogs have a special place in our hearts. They only know how to make us feel fulfilled and find a thousand possible ways to make us feel better.

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