7 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It


It’s no secret that every dog parent adores their canine friend. Our canine companions genuinely understand how to love us completely and without holding grudges.

We want nothing more than for them to live a happy and healthy life. However, we may unwittingly do things that endanger our four-legged pets.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of seven potentially toxic items that you should avoid in order to keep your pet safe. Take note of numbers 3 and 1. They will surprise you the most!

7.  Force Training Your Dog

Yes, your dog will require some training. However, it does not give you the right to use force to physically punish someone. Any handling tactics that give your dog pain or stress might harm your bond with them.

When it comes to teaching your dog discipline, reward-based training is more successful. It promotes trust between the puppy and his parent while also assisting the dog in learning the required behavior.

6.  Leaving Your Dog in the Car

According to studies, even if you park in the shade, the temperature inside your car can rise by 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. Dogs, unlike humans, do not sweat, therefore hyperthermia might occur sooner than expected.

Excessive panting and drooling can occur as a result of overheating. There might be a life-threatening emergency if you have diarrhea and vomiting. So, if you must leave your dog in the car, keep the window open and keep them in sight at all times.

5. When Your Dog Does Something Wrong, Yell at Them

When disciplining your dog, never shout at them if it doesn’t appear to be working. They get terrified and bewildered when you yell.

Yelling, like physical punishment, is strictly prohibited. Instead, be more optimistic and engage in polite training sessions to improve your friendship with your canine companion.

4. Allowing Your Pet to Eat Everything

It is not acceptable to let your dog to eat table scraps. Dogs cannot eat human food because it is too fatty, hot, and salty. Some foods may even be poisonous to them.

If you notice your dog chewing anything from the floor, remove it from his/her mouth. They are fast to pick up on stuff they aren’t supposed to do.

3.  Choosing the Incorrect Collar

IIf your dog becomes a tugging machine when outside, a harness may be beneficial. In this situation, a collar might harm your pet’s neck if they pull too hard.

If your dog is curious, a flat collar or breakaway collar would suffice. Make sure it’s the proper size; if it’s too big, your dog could get out. If it is too little, they may choke.

2.  A Deficit of Stimulation

Dogs require both mental and physical stimulation. Before you purchase one, make sure you have the time to walk it around on a daily basis.

Dogs may resort to chewing or ripping things apart in the lack of stimulus. It is vital to expose kids to a variety of fragrances and noises in order for their brain to function properly.

1.  Avoiding the Dog Dentist

Canines, like people, require dental care. It’s not a matter of taste; it’s a matter of survival. You must begin a regular dental care program as soon as you adopt a puppy.

Remember not to give your pets human toothpaste. Contact your veterinarian, and they will be able to recommend the best brush and paste for your devoted companion.

Wrapping Up 

If you subconsciously do any of the following, it’s time to make a change so your furry buddy can live a long and happy life.

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