5 Tips on How Much Wet Food to Feed a Dog?


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When it comes to feeding your dog, there’s a narrow line to walk between overfeeding, underfeeding, and finding the sweet spot. If you overfeed your dog, he or she will gain weight. However, underfeeding your dog has long-term negative consequences. “How much wet food should I feed my dog?” you may be thinking. We have the information you want.

How Much Wet Food Should I Feed My Dog Every Day?

1-Weigh Your Dog

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When calculating how much wet food to give your dog, one of the first things you need to know is how much your dog weighs. You don’t need to take your dog to the vet to find out how much he weighs. You only need to complete the following:

  • Use a bathroom scale to weigh yourself. Take note of your weight.
  • Then, if it’s safe, get down and pick up your dog.
  • Return to the scales.
  • Subtract your weight from the scale’s total weight.

Put two bathroom scales together and urge your dog to “sit” on the scales for larger dogs.

2-Calculate the correct portion size for your dog

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Feeding instructions will be included with your dog’s food. However, this can be a little ambiguous because most manufacturers will provide recommendations based on a weight scale. They may, for example, recommend feeding 150 grams to a dog weighing 15 to 20 kilos.

If your dog weighs more than 20 kilos, you may want to feed them a little extra if they’re more active and have a poor body condition score.

If you feed your dog twice a day, you should cut their portion in half.


3-Determine If You Want to Feed Your Dog a Mix of Wet and Dry Food

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If you feed your dog a combination of wet and dry food, you must determine how much wet food to provide against how much dry food to feed. This is a little more difficult than simply providing wet food, but the benefits of combining the two are frequently worth the extra effort.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Examine the dry food’s feeding directions. In Step 2, run the calculator.
  • Examine the feeding portion for your wet food that you estimated.
  • Determine the wet-to-dry food ratio you desire for your dog. The majority of owners prefer a ¼-wet-to-¾-dry food mix or half-and-half.
  • Divide each number in Steps 1 and 2 in half for a 50-50 mix of wet and dry food.

Divide your wet food ration by 4 and your dry food portion by 4 before multiplying by 3.

  • Divide your Step 4 results by the amount of meals you feed your dog on a daily basis.

4. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

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Even though wet dog food has more moisture than kibble, you need still make sure your dog gets enough water to drink. This will guarantee that they get the most out of the nourishment you feed them and stay healthy. Every day, dogs require 4.5 ounces of water for every 4.5 kilos of body weight.

One of the most effective methods to get your dog to drink more water is to have a water bowl near their food dish or to mix some water into their meal.

More energetic dogs require even more water. Active dogs require around 5.5 ounces of water for every 4.5 kilos of body weight.

5. Adjust Your Dog’s Portion According to Age, Activity Level & Climate

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While most dogs are content with the same quantity of food every day, working dogs require extra calories while they are exerting excessive energy. You should continuously monitor your working dog’s body score condition and raise their portion if you observe them losing too much weight.

Your dog’s metabolism will begin to slow down at the age of seven. They are also slightly more sedentary. Around this time, you should reassess your dog’s calorie requirements and lessen their portion.

If you reside in a chilly region, you should also limit your dog’s calories over the winter because they will be spending less time outside running about. When the weather drops below freezing, outdoor dogs must nearly quadruple their calorie intake.


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