10 Things to Know Before Applying for an ESA Letter


What does an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Letter actually mean? It can be difficult to understand what protection an ESA gives and how to obtain one from a business that genuinely connects you with licensed mental health professionals because there are so many websites that offer ESA services.
Here is a list of the top ten things you should know about ESA Letters to aid you:

1. It gives you legal protection against unfair pet fees and no-pet housing policies.

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The acronym ESA stands for “Emotional Support Animal,” in case you weren’t aware. Animals that provide us with comfort and lower stress levels are known as ESAs.
ESAs are entitled to more extensive legal protection because they are thought of as more than just pets. This includes being exempt from no-pet housing regulations and being permitted to travel with you in the cabin. A prescription letter from a licensed practitioner known as a “ESA Letter” assures that your ESA can take advantage of these legal privileges.

2. An ESA Letter has to be approved by a licensed mental health professional or doctor.

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One of the most crucial things to understand about ESA Letters is that ONLY a medical expert or a mental health professional can prescribe one. Additionally, they need to hold a license from your state.
Despite the fact that there are “ESA directories” where you can register your pet as an ESA, they do not provide you with any sort of legal protection. Only an ESA Letter from an expert in the field can.
Licensed mental health professionals in CertaPet’s extensive network can correctly identify you as a person with a disability and provide you an ESA letter. When you submit an application through our website, we will put you in touch with an LMHP who is authorized to issue ESA Letters in your state.

3. An ESA is not the same as a service animal.

Service animals are animals that have been particularly taught to carry out tasks for their owners, such as providing blind people with guidance or warning them of impending seizures. Although they are not considered service animals, ESAs give their owners a sense of security and emotional comfort.
As a result, they regrettably lack the same legal privileges to visit establishments like hotels or restaurants. However, if you inquire in beforehand, a public building might let you enter with your ESA. It’s critical to recognize the distinctions between an ESA and a service animal if you own an ESA.

4. ESAs do not have to be professionally trained.

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Pets instinctively show devotion and love to their owners. Therefore, no additional training is required beyond being well-mannered, potty trained, socialized, and taught not to bark excessively at night and disturb the neighbors. Aggressive animals won’t be given consideration for ESA approval.
This article explains more about the distinctions between service animals and emotional support animals.

5. ESAs provide PROVEN mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Every pet owner is aware of the delight their animals provide. Additionally, science has supported it.
The brain releases “feel good” hormones after just fifteen minutes of petting or playing with your dog, according to studies. Serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin are examples of this.
These substances ease stress, despair, and anxiety while making us feel better. Pets can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, according to studies. When we take care of an animal, there is a natural increase in physical activity.

6. You have to complete a consultation with a Licensed Mental Health Professional for an ESA letter.

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We are aware that you might require an ESA letter immediately in order to catch a last-minute flight or move into that new apartment or home. In certain circumstances, our support staff can collaborate with the therapist to expedite the delivery of your letter.
You can save time and money by completing the entire process on our website without having to pay a therapist in person! We can even send you a printed copy of the ESA Letter via USPS priority mail and a digital copy in 1-2 business days.

7. Your ESA pet can fly in the cabin with you.

You’ll be happy to know that the Air Carrier Access Act allows you to bring your ESA in the cabin with you to help ease your anxiety if you detest traveling.
Before taking off, though, make sure to confirm with an airline. Before boarding, they can have their own procedures to follow and additional paperwork to fill out. Informing them beforehand will also help to clear up any misunderstandings with the cabin crew, who might not be familiar with ESAs.

Only the US is subject to ESA laws. Your ESA Letter will therefore only be valid for domestic travel inside the US and not for international flights. If you get in touch with the airline in advance, you might still be able to bring the pet with you on overseas flights.

8. An ESA can be any breed, weight or size.

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Only the US is subject to ESA laws. Your ESA Letter will therefore only be valid for domestic travel inside the US and not for international flights. If you get in touch with the airline in advance, you might still be able to bring the pet with you on overseas flights.

9. You don’t need a special vest or ID tag.

Although there are websites that sell vests and ID tags for ESAs, these items are not necessary by law. Everything else is merely an accessory; all you need is a letter that has been signed by an authorized mental health practitioner. In other words, if you have the required paperwork for an emotional support animal, your landlord cannot insist that your ESA wear a certain vest or badge.
Although not legally required, vests can give owners of ESAs a greater sense of comfort and security. For customers who wish to ensure that people in their apartment complex understand that their pet is a support animal, CertaPet does sell Emotional Support Animal vests.

10. You will always have your pet with you.

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Keeping your pet companionship can make daily living much easier and more comfortable when you are coping with emotional or mental challenges. With an ESA letter, you may travel with confidence knowing that your pet will always be there to comfort you, whether you’re flying or moving to a new place.

Have more inquiries? Reach out to us!

CertaPet has a wealth of experience helping individuals become eligible for the ESA Letter they require as the top provider of Emotional Support Animal examinations in the globe. So, if there is anything further you need to know, chances are good that you may find the information on our website.
If you want to get an ESA letter, we make the procedure quick, simple, and private. You only need to spend 5 minutes completing an online survey. You can next ask for a meeting with a qualified mental health expert who will carry out a more detailed evaluation for your ESA letter if you qualify. Following approval, you’ll receive a copy of your ESA Letter via email within 48 hours, and the original should arrive in the mail within a few days.


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